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Eddie has been an “artist” since the 1970s when he was part of the Columbus, Ohio arts scene. For many years he taught an adult education course in resist painting and natural dye techniques at Ohio State University and Antioch University.  He also gave demonstrations at many schools and fairs of dyeing, resist painting and drawing techniques throughout Ohio.  During that time period, he was a member of the Orange Craft Collective, the DataGang Video Production Company, Moonshine Collective, and ComFest.  He participated in numerous group shows and public events.


His principle current medium is encaustic painting, which allows him to use the hot wax techniques he developed in the ’70s with the digital proficiency that he has learned in more recent decades.  He creates ideas and drawings in Adobe Sketch and Photoshop, or by traditional pen and paper. Most of his encaustic paintings are collages incorporating prints of his own. His encaustic process is exciting as he works fast with hot waxes and paints flowing in numerous directions.  The contours of the surface, brilliance of the paints, and depth of the visions makes for exciting artwork.


As he had done for many years, he continues to produce prints and paint over prints, which combine traditional drawing and painting with current software technologies and digital equipment. He creates original pieces using oil based pens, acrylics and other types of paints. His prints undergo an extended process of drawings, paints, scans and enlargements, which process may be repeated many times to get the final product.  The final product is printed on gallery quality printers and archival papers.  The “paint on prints” are created by painting on his print creations.  


His eclectic and broad ranging interests are reflected in his paintings, such as adventure travel, astronomy, archaeology, musicians, dancing, clubs, museums, microbrews, and Jewish studies.


As a world traveler, his landscapes were painted in many parts of the globe, including Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Alaska, Israel, and Rehoboth Beach. His museum collection includes interpretations of famous artwork, which he drew at the great museums of the world, or are interpretations of unique national art forms such as Fileteado from Argentina, or are renditions of ancient art such as Monte Alban sculptures and the ancient Book of Kells. His bar scenes, bands and dancing people were drawn “real time”.


His Jewish-related artworks are inspired by traditional prayers, songs and biblical themes.  As a member of Adat Shalom in Bethesda, Maryland, he has produced a series of unique member name tags, as well as documenting various congregational events and images.  He annually auctions a Jewish piece for fundraising purposes.


He has been in numerous shows and galleries. Since 2009 he has been the featured artist at the annual Dogfish Head Brewery Mug Club party where he displays his images of bands, beer and lively nights out.  His Jewish pieces have been in one person and groups shows.


His artistic signature is “YAY” which can be found in every one of his pieces (sometimes hidden within the image). 


In his other life, Eddie is the managing partner of the law firm of Gross & Romanick, P.C., which is located in Fairfax City (  He has a wife and 2 children.


If you wish to purchase his artwork, send him an e-mail at

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