Encaustic Artwork


Encaustic art is an ancient form of artwork that involves painting with hot waxes and resins. Many of my encaustic pieces incorporate my drawings and prints .  I utilize my woodworking skills to create various shaped board and elaborate boxes.  

A representation of the eclipse in Chile on July 2, 2019.

A representation of the eclipse in Oregon on August 21, 2017.  These sections may be hung in various arrangements or individually. All of the edges have either explanatory wording or images.  Hung as an ellipse, the outer size is 4' x 8'.

Bullbuckers is a popular band in Rehoboth Beach.  This is my encaustic interpretation of their appearance at 2017 New Year's Eve at the Dogfish Bar.  The work is on 1/2" board.  The edges have words of explanation.

© 2019 by  Eddie yAy Gross

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