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I have created artworks with Jewish themes in many types of media, including encaustic pieces.
A selection of my Jewish Art is currently available for sale at Tideline Gallery, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  

Priestly Blessing "May You Be Blessed


 Limited Print Series

            $75 unframed 8” x 10”

Also available framed - inquire about pricing


Exodus 24:7 “Naaseh V’nishma


Moses descending in a storm and fire from Mt. Sinai to bring the word of God to the Israelites.  The traditional translation and accepted today as the word of God by the orthodox and many others:  “We will hear and we will do”.

See tryptic below.

For more images of this piece, contact me at

Encaustic and mixed media.  On 3/4" board.

Price:  $750


This artwork is titled “Avenu Malkeinu”, the High Holiday petition to be inscribed in the book of life. The Ten Days of Repentance from Rosh Hashanah through Yom Kippur are 10 swirling images like a hurricane leading to the final inscription in the book of life at the eye of the storm. In each swirl are pictures of doom and of life.  Death representations within the burning circle include the bombing of Ninevah (Aleppo) and a skeleton descending into the vortex of a black hole.  Life pictures are an embryo, verdant mountains and a stream of taschlich. Shofars trumpet across the landscape while a parent enfolds and protects children under a tallis (reconstructed duchening).  Stories of the High Holidays are represented by Jonah’s whale and refugees (Hagar) fleeing famine to be held back by barbed wire.  The final verdict is “Chai” (life).  The song of this beautiful supplicatory prayer was made popular by Barbra Streisand.

Prints:  11”x14” – $90

              8”x10” – $75

Also available framed - inquire about pricing


Avenu Malkenu - 11-21-16.jpg

Other Available Jewish Images


Ma Tovu is a beautiful prayer which comes from Numbers 24:5. It was uttered by Balaam, the Moabite prophet who had been summoned by Balak the King of Midian to curse the Israelites. However, when Balaam saw the Israelites encamped in their tents he was overcome with awe and reverence, and the only words that he could utter were the words of blessing: "How beautiful are thy tents, Oh Israel".  Prints available for $75 - $90 depending on size.

Exodus #1 #2 #3 photo.jpg
Exodus #1 #2 #3 bottom edge photo.jpg

An encaustic triptych interpreting Exodus 24:7 “Naaseh V’nishma” - the dramatic story of Moses descending in a storm and fire from Mt. Sinai to bring the word of God to the Israelites.  Board #1 presents Moses coming down Mt. Sinai to the frighted Israelites who are being calmed by angels – in the foreground are the modern orthodox Jews who witness the event as they read the Torah.  Board #2 is a contemporary interpretation of this biblical passage through the joy of dancing and inclusion.  Board #3 is an apocalyptic future resulting from the destruction of the planet due to humanities failure to adhere the highest principles of the bible and science.  On 3/4" board, ready for hanging - $1500

Chanukiah Deconstructed.jpg

The festival of lights menorah (“Chanukiah”) expands from 8 candles to a blaze of illumination.  I deconstruct and multiply the Chanukah lights to bring even more holiday spirit into the world.

Prints:  11”x14” – $90

              8”x10” – $75

Also available framed - inquire about images & pricing


Shema Yisrael (שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל; "Hear, O Israel") is the iconic Jewish prayer that is recited on many occasions, including during morning and evening services.  On Shabbat, the prayer is recited with hands over the eyes while the prayer is wearing a tallis.


This image is a meditation on the introspection experienced during the recitation.  You can see the tallis wrapped fingers which are stranding over the mind’s eyes into layers of our consciousness.

Prints:  11”x17” – $90


Also available framed - inquire about pricing


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